Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Christian Noob

So I’ve changed the name of my blog once again — from “Shopping for Faith” to “Le Culte du Cassette” to “Project 0.5952381%” to “The Christian Noob.” Considering that a noob is anyone new to some particular environment, perhaps it’s a good idea to start calling myself a religious or (Christian (being more precise) noob. After all when it comes to religion, I’ve studying for over two years non-stop and there’s so much more to understand still.

With my most recent overhaul, I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress. The latter’s a platform that I’ve been looking into for past several months and to which I recently migrated two huge projects that I’m in charge of (about a hundred files each). From a geek’s point of view, these technologies aren’t new, but they’ve proved to be reliable. Hence I decided to move these two major projects to a platform that so far has proven to help me manage the amount of written information they’ve collected for several years.

In all, this is my new little home in the web — and you’re welcome to join me.