Sunday, January 4, 2009

double duty on 01/04/2008

All Saints Episcopal Church (60th St & 2nd Ave;
1. The Episcopal church is too much like the Catholic church, perhaps almost identical. The only difference I know of is that a vicar (priest) can get married.
2. It has a similar service structure than a Catholic mass, including kneeling when the bread and wine are presented.
3. The service is somewhat recited, which makes it hard to hear and worse yet comprehend at times.
4. The biggest difference to a Catholic mass was that the congregation stands during the reading of the New Testament is read.
5. Another huge difference to the Presbyterians is that the congregation is the "people" and not the "ministers" of the church.
6. I didn't like it as much. It was rather dull. Yet I couldn't stop weeping thinking of my sick child.
7. Will I come back? Yes, I would to prove my point or to simply decide if I should just go to a Catholic or Episcopal church. The latter is doubtful.

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (5th Ave & 55th St;
1. The services are very rock n' roll and open to talk about sex (NEXT Ministries meeting, about 12:50pm to about 1:45pm with Rev Paul Rock)
2. Rev Black Scott Johntson makes the sermons entertaining with constant references to society, news, movies and science fiction. They are in common English, not recited.
2.1. The latter is still proof that science fiction has lots of its roots in religion.
3. I was more than excited to take communion today (a dry piece of white bread and some grape non-fermented juice, probably Kedeem).
4. Will I come back? Of course, I will since I like this church.
5. There's no 5 this time.