Friday, March 26, 2010

pornography in social networks

It still surprises how easily men and women in social networks for adults only can freely share pictures of themselves naked, comment on one another, flirt with each other explicitly and even have sex with these strangers regardless of sexual orientation including homosexual acts for fun, pleasure and/or mere experimentation.

A good example is my friend Rose who has had sex once or more times with at least twenty (20) different men whom she had met in several of these sites. Perhaps she'd kill me when or if she reads this. Then again she might just let me get away with this. After all, I'm not using her full name and it it could simply refer to any other girl named Rose doing the same.

Now I'm not going to play the role of a saint or sorts. When it comes to sex, I enjoy pornographic material and have even worked on an adult website about seven years ago. I recognize that pornography and many sexual behaviors that I engage in as an addiction from a psychopathological point of view or at least sinful -- the total opposite of what it means to be Christian. Perhaps befriending homosexuals, transsexuals and transgenders might fall in this list. Said the latter, what am I doing on this blog writing about religion and faith? Am I such a filthy hypocrite or simply stupid? I'll let you decide for now and I'll find out later. Anyway I know that I'm trying to set myself straight even if it means exposing myself as the broken person who I've become through out the years.