Tuesday, April 20, 2010

as music saved my soul (the dance of life)

In those moments of deep depression and self-hatred, when I wanted to end it all, You were there with songs like 'Escape' from Metallica (Ride The Lighting, Megaforce Worldwide 1984, http://www.metallica.com/Media/Albums/albums.asp?album_id=2). Music saved my life as I realized that the bloody and selfish peer pressure to be like them was stupid and a mere sham. Music stopped my suicide and self-injurious life to escape my life and start anew like a diamond and rust*. Two decades later, I wonder if music saved my life or if it was a mere vehicle to stop me from ending my life. As music saved my soul, maybe God supplied the music for me to continue the Dance. Now I can dance the Dance of Life thanks to the music that saved my life and twisted soul.