Friday, May 21, 2010

fear vs paranoia

Taking the subway this evening, there were cops all around peeking several times into different train cars. I guess it'd be fine if one cop checked a single car. Another different thing is when various cops checked the same cars several times.

It just gave me a weird vive as if there was some secret piece of information that we -- civilians -- aren't supposed to know. It might just be the sort of the long-lasting fear that this city has had since 9/11. Is some other idiot (or group of) out there planing to hurt us?

When will humans and other humanoids learn to live in peace? There's one God, but we've given him hundreds (if not thousands) of names and decided to worship him in as many ways. God wants us to live in harmony, not at each other's throats. We -- humanoids -- may be too stupid to ever learn.