Tuesday, May 25, 2010

in response to "Serve Somewhere!"

In response to "Serve Somewhere!"
by Renee Johnson (http://www.devotionaldiva.com/)

Serving, yes, brings out the best in all of us. There's a psychological as well as a relgious reaction to serving (helping, volunteering, etc).

Psychologically it makes the individual feel useful, needed at good for some purpose. At the same time it can make the individual greedy, snobbish and plain stupid. This latter attitude belittles the effort or serving in the first place making it a mere job in order to get some level of recognition -- being practically someone using those who need some level of help for his/her selfish needs or desires.

Religiously it's a way to serve God by serving/helping others (men, women. children, the needy or not, the broken or not, etc) or some other related purpose (volunteering at Church as a whole -- in the good of God, of course). This brings the feeling of being useful, needed and good for a higher cause as I mentioned in the psychological motive and/or reaction.

In all, one has to do good serving/volunteering and be humble before, while and after doing so. This also means being quiet about our deeds and not bragging. This last comment is applicable for anyone regardless of religion or faith, sex, color or any other label that we put on ourselves or others put on us.