Monday, July 26, 2010

that weird thing called the canon

The Christian Bible consists of previously established Jewish texts plus texts telling the story of Jesus. Some books were excluded at will perhaps for challenging ideas or beliefs of priests of the time. Others had previously been destroyed by man, time or nature. At the same time, others were found after the canon was put together like the Dead Sea Scrolls (, which give us a good picture of Judaism about the time of Jesus. At the same time, depending what main group (Catholic, Protestant, Eastern, Eastern Orthodox, etc) you look at, the Bible may have or exclude some books.

This sort of mix-and-match process was handled under some opinion, discretion and/or will. It makes me wonder what made these people put the Bible together as it was done.

Could the word of God -- as we know it and accept as true -- be incomplete or corrupted by people of the time?

Could we missing great messages from God that some people didn't want us to know about?