Monday, August 23, 2010

invisible, magical man in the skies

For many, God (the concept of the Godhead) is merely an invisible and magical man in the skies.

The idea of sky comes from the three-tier ideology of the nature of earth with God residing in the skies (Heaven) while the demons living in the center of earth (hell) and humans merely inhabiting the face of earth. At the same time, the idea of God being invisible and magical is merely the limitation of our human understanding as we try to personify God to understand him. We commonly fail to see God in nature, the ground we walk on, the skies, the seas, the cosmos, other worlds, all known, all unknown and creation as a whole (Lectio Divina). Alas he's all around us -- hence in all places at the same time, looking after us all the time, knowing it all at all times (omnipotent, omniscient).

In any case, I do worship and have faith on this invisible and magical man in the skies -- as irrational as it may seem, beyond human understanding.