Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the little monkey

With the health issues that my nine-year-old has, I often forget about my other boys (2 & 18), especially my two-year-old. My youngest (my little monkey) seems healthy enough, but as of late he seems to show the same characteristics that my nine-year-old ( had at the age of two.

I'm worried for my youngest two boys. It's hard enough to care for my second child as it is and having my youngest go through the same nightmare would just be much more heartbreaking (if not finish killing me once and for all). Could life be so cruel that my two youngest boys are indeed sick?

As I usually say, everyone has a cross to bear and mine is my children's health. What worries most is who'll take care of them when I die. I've got faith that God will some day heal my nine-year-old. I only have my faith right now, all that's left with my sanity long time gone.