Saturday, September 18, 2010

deeply in the eyes of evil

Sexual abuse, homosexuality and corruption were always the dirty secrets that everyone knew. Growing up Catholic, one had divide the good priests from the bad. Of course, for every pervert in the garbs of a priest, there's a good servant of God. Nonetheless the Catholic Church is nowadays plagued with stories of sexual abuse, pedophilia and other sexual scandals. Maybe this is the perfect scapegoat to leave Catholicism. This might be the main reason why I don't call myself a Catholic anymore. I'm a Christian plain and simple.

There's something dark and evil that I've seen in the past couple of years in the Vatican from all places. It constantly reminds me of stories of the end of times with false prophets, preachers and uttermost evil posing as good. Maybe it's all in my psychotic brain, but I can't trust the head of the Catholic Church at all. Well at the end of the day, I'm no one to be heard, but my instincts hardly ever fail me when reading a person's soul. In all, I see deeply in the eyes of evil where goodness should abide.