Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mork from Ork

I remember watching Mork & Mindy (ABC 1978-82; with Robin Williams (Mork; and Pam Dawber (Mindy; when I was a kid. There was a particular episode, in which Mork traveled to another world ( In this trip, his mind went into another being's body and that being into that of Mork. Vacationing was as simple as mind swapping.

This is one of those stories that reminds me of the belief that the soul inhabits in a body (person) -- considering the argument that the mind, the spirit and the soul are the same. Of course, we're taught to believe that we all have souls and these are eternal. At the same time, there are many (not necessarily Christian) stories of souls "walking" the earth, which we'd normally refer to as ghosts. As Christians, we believe that the latter is true. There are some who even believe that the soul escapes from or simply wanders off the body while asleep (

Going back to Mork & Mindy, it'd be so cool for our minds (souls) to leave our bodies and travel of course returning to our bodies when returning from holiday.

By the way, I'm going to rent the whole series. I've got font memories of staying at my maternal grandmother's flat weeks at a time watching this show in my old beat-up portable (handle on the top) 13" b/w TV set.