Saturday, October 30, 2010

all hallows' eve: the forbidden

As much as we enjoy the costumes and sweets, Hallowe'en remains as a "forbidden" celebration for Christians. It's clearly a way to act as if the occult didn't exist. Being blind to other truths -- good or bad, weird or common, godly or demonic -- hurts our understanding of humanity, religion and even our own belief system (faith).

At times, holding too tightly to a religion shows how much we're afraid of anything we don't know or understand. It's much simpler to just call something "evil" or "bad" without much of an intelligent explanation.

In all, am I a bad Christian or worse yet a bad person for liking Hallowe'en? I don't think so. Besides I can tell what's fantasy from real, what's part of my belief system from sham -- all the while respecting the beliefs of others.

At the same time, I wonder whose belief system's correct. Is it Christianity or not?