Wednesday, October 27, 2010

conditional love

I've been reading an article several times called "God is Love" ( not because it's hard to understand, but rather because I like read it. The following is my response and/or interpretation of such article.

LOVE: "an intense affection for another person based on familial or personal ties"
-- American Heritage Dictionary

This definition explains why I've gone through several relationships though out my life.

We're like vampires sucking whatever that other person's willing to give us and to fulfill us with till we exhaust those resources. After doing so, we grow tired and uninterested of that person. We simply fall out of love. In most cases, we then look for someone else who can fulfill some other need that we may have. We prey and hunt for love.

Considering this, the only persons we might never stop loving are the extensions of our lives -- that part of each of us that'd keep living after we're dead -- our own children (well at least, most of the time). Maybe our children never finish fulfilling us or we might simply truly "love" them. In any case, the attachment that we've got with our children could be the purest form of love -- the purest emotion -- that we might ever experience.

Understanding a parent's love, we might somewhat understand how God loves us. It's still incomprehensive to us though since God's love depends on no condition at all, hence being eternal and honestly pure.