Monday, November 29, 2010

my son's first ever seizure

I went to sleep at about 10:15pm last night. Two hours later (about 12:25am) I woke up with my nine-year-old having a seizure (first one ever), means the possibility of more in the future. For a moment, I though my boy was dying.

We called 911, which dispatched the EMT (FDNY). The two paramedics took us to Elmhurst Hospital (HHC), which I visited many times at night while growing up with stomach cramps and such. Now I was taking my son to the same hospital at night as I used to do.

After the doctor took lots of notes and ruling out hyperglycemia (diabetes), the doctor mentioned that in my son's case, there were two possible factors that may have triggered the seizure -- his problems breaking down foods (Kreb's Cycle; or his brain. After taking an urine sample, two doctors determined that ketones (; Kreb's Cycle) and hyperglycemia weren't the cause for the seizure. Now I need to take my son to a neurologist for a EEG to check for any discrepancies in his brain wave activity. At least, it wasn't diabetes and he had the perfect excuse not to go to school.

In all, we stayed at the hospital for almost three and a half hours in the triage. When we got home about 4:00am, we got some sleep. A little over an hour later after barely sleeping, I was up again to get ready for work. I took a shower, got dressed, took all my medications, ate a banana, checked on my nine-year-old and left the apartment.

While writing this, I've felt as if I was going to breakdown and cry, but I can't afford that. I must be strong for my sick little boy. It was tough enough having my two-year-old seeing his dear brother taken away by two paramedics with me by his side.

This experience was possibly the scariest thing I've ever been through so far with him or any of my two other boys. The other worst experience was when my oldest child was born and practically had to be "resuscitated." I've already lost two children and I know the pain that I want to avoid with all my life.