Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nudity, damaged by religion

Many people feel uncomfortable with their own nudity. Either they feel dirty (damage of religion), fat or ugly (damage of society). There's nothing wrong with nudity and appreciate THE BEAUTY OF SOMEONE'S NUDE BODY. Religion plays an important role tainting nudity and sex as something dirty -- a sin, a shame. This is perhaps the biggest damage religion -- especially Christianity -- has dared to make. According to religion, I shouldn't walk around naked in my apartment if I felt like it because nudity's dirty (how stupid). At the same time, society's corrupted the mind of many making them believe that a "beautiful" body is within certain parameters. Hence not fitting in such means that the person's not desired and that no one cares to see him/her. Let's not forget that beauty's in the eye of the beholder.

The only problem in nudity and hence sex -- in my opinion (fucking disclaimers) -- exists on the mind of the perverted who prefer not to appreciate, but rather want to hurt (for example, rape) or sell oneself (for example, prostitution). This idea of a "real" problem's shared by religion and society.

Now the use of one's nudity involving recreational sex might or might not be part of latter. Purists would say that sexual intercourse must be limited to a married couple. Of course, in today's society it doesn't quite work that way. Although religion still attacks it, society doesn't condemn it. Further more, society uses sex to sell ideas (advertisement & propaganda).

Said all this, I wouldn't care to post a picture of me naked, but society wastes no time to catalog it as pornography and hence bad. Hence I need to comply with society in order to keep this blog clean and not scare of readers (if any).