Friday, November 19, 2010

something I wrote on someone else's blog

Love is simple -- unconditional and conditional, true and false, real and a sham, part-time and full-time.

  1. It's that unconditional love that a parent has for his/her child.

  2. It's that unconditional love of that of child to a parent -- at least we hope so.

  3. It's a chemical reaction in the brain that triggers the need of being satisfied by a person, the sexual attraction to that person and remaining with that person. It's the CONDITIONAL love between two people as long as that satisfaction is met. Visit (Helen Fisher Explains Why Casual Sex Doesn't Exist, Big Think).

  4. Being this blog part of the church, the answer would be the love of God for us -- as the father (God) loves his children (us) unconditionally when we make him happy, cry or angry. See number 1.

  5. In the case of loving others, my take would be on being satisfied by something that they can do for us. See number 3.

    Love for others (a stranger worse off) is never and will never be unconditional because of our greed, selfishness, needs to be satisfied, anger and everything else that makes us hunters (humans) especially in NYC. See number 1.