Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas pageant, Christmas carols & Pagan songs

This past Sunday (19th) at church, the children of the congregation reenacted the birth of Jesus reading paraphrased Scriptures and singing as the main part of each service (9:30am & 11:00am). It was fun seeing these little children leading each worship service while dressed up as Mary and Joseph, pastors, the three kings, the star of Bethlehem, sheep, chickens and other animals.

I'm glad that I stayed for both services. As any actor would tell you, each performance's different from every other. These kids did a great job and without a doubt earned the standing ovation they received. Besides, I enjoyed the challenge of doing sound for each of these two pageants including the slight feedback, some hitting a microphone stand and all.

After the second worship service (about 12:15pm), we got together at the entrance of the church to sing Christmas carols. With my somewhat off-key voice, I sang quietly (not confident enough in myself to sing in public) with some of my friends and other familiar faces from church. I'm fairly surprised how much I do enjoy real (religious) Christmas carols, which made this event a lovely experience that I was truly able to enjoy.

We also sang what I've categorized as Neo-Pagan Christmas songs (Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Jingle Bells & Wish You a Merry Christmas), which have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas and most importantly Jesus. It was a bit shocking to some around me that I couldn't recall the lyrics of these Neo-Pagan Christmas songs. I've rejected the godless Christmas commercialism for so long that I've practically flushed out these Pagan songs of fictitious characters out of my. This also includes the desperation of many to kill and destroy trees for vanity -- the Christmas tree tradition. Needless to say (type) and admit, I couldn't care less for any of these traditions.

At the end, we had probably the best warm apple cider I've ever had. I was able to get two cups right before the containers were taken into the church building. Could it be that I'm finally enjoying Christmas (thanks Amy for last year ( instead of falling into deep and dangerous depression (annual suicide watch during the Neo-Pagan Christmas festivities)?

I want to point out that I've got nothing against Neo-Paganism, but this set of beliefs has nothing to do with Jesus and Christianity, although many Christian practices are based on ancient forms of Paganism and even Druidism.

Changing the latter subject a bit, I attended the Candlelight Christmas service for travelers (same service as the 24th, just a bit early intended for those leaving town). I enjoyed it and felt at peace with my self and others. Of course, hanging out and overlooking at the sound console -- as I do on Sundays regardless of the schedule that we originally had -- also helps.

By the way, it's 119 weeks going to FAPC, which undoubtedly is a personal record. Of course, this number doesn't indicate how many time I've gone to this church. Sometimes I've gone to two or more services and Bible study small groups during the week. I'm honestly proud of this accomplishment since I know that in the past I'd dropped out in half this time.