Tuesday, December 28, 2010

lovely snow, lovely blizzard... pt 3 (back to work)

This morning, in Queens county (borough), there were accumulations of semi-frozen snow all over (http://project05952381.blogspot.com/2010/12/lovely-snow-lovely-blizzard-pt-2.html). It was hard to walk from one place to another (to subway station in my case). Trains were running local and backed up. I missed a train at about 6:26am and had to wait about twenty minutes. At 6:49am, a finally train arrived at the station, but it was too crowded to get on. Needless to say (type), most people (other strap-hangers) I saw weren't in the best of moods. A little after, at 6:53am, I was able to take a train to Manhattan. At 7:13am, the train finally arrived at its first stop in Manhattan. After arriving at my connecting station (7:17am), taking the second train to work (7:21am) and walking in the snow, I finally arrived at work at 7:38am (22 minutes to spare) with my boots and socks wet. I'm glad I'd brought a pair of sneakers (trainers) in my backpack. I was an interesting ride to work to say (type) the least.