Monday, January 24, 2011

hominids, humanoids & humans

The word hominid refers to any great ape (likely to be considered a primitive form of human), while the word humanoid means that something resembles a human. Understanding these two concepts, we're curious to understand what a human really is -- aside from merely referring to humans as naked apes.

Some would say that the human animal comes from homo erectus who became homo habilis who then became homo sapiens. As a person of science, I understand and believe this.

The problem comes when science crashes with the Bible. The Abrahamic faiths teach us that we -- humans -- were created by God in his image. As a Christian, I know and believe this too.

I once asked a science teacher (sixth grade) who/what came first -- dinosaurs or Adam and Eve. I wasn't trying to push religion or any other belief. It was merely an innocent, naive and stupid question to ask within the NYC public school system. Needless to say (type), two and half decades later, I'm still waiting for an intelligent answer.

On a personal level, I've never been able to combine these two concepts and come up with an intelligent answer of my own. Of course, I haven't seen anyone else do so. The best attempt someone had trying to combine these two theories was drawing out a fairly simple mathematical equation that proved that God created the cosmos and mankind in seven days as the Bible says, but each day was equal to some fixed amount of time other than a twenty-four-hour time period. I remember watching this on the 700 Club back in 1992. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of this theologian and I haven't been able to find this information ever since.

At the end of the day or rather times, I guess we should answer (ourselves at least) these two questions.

  1. Are we just stupid naked apes making up the concept and stories of gods in order to explain what we don't understand (life, death, etc)?
  2. Then again, did God test different creations till he decided that we were good enough to continue existing (at least for the time being)?