Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I grew up Catholic. Nowadays I wouldn't call myself such. Anyway It's disgusting what the Catholic Church has done for generations -- paying off victims of sexual abuse and/or molestation -- especially since the new pope took charge. There's something that makes me distrust him, sort of evil. It feels that this whole sexual abuse spectre is the white elephant sitting in the corner getting bigger day by day till the room explodes.

How can a priest (or any other title given to the pastor) use his power to abuse children? Regardless of the name, sex, religion, traditions and any other possible excuse, a PEDOPHILE is a PEDOPHILE and must be put in prison. Let's see how the PEDOPHILE feels when he gets molested in jail as he is taught that children are one of the protected groups even by the worst criminals.

Catholic Church abuse allegations ripple across the globe

Vatican defends pope in US lawsuit