Wednesday, June 9, 2010

God vs the crucifix

Many people have items to identify themselves as part of a group or society. In the case of Christians, some use the Bible or a crucifix or other objects. The question now is if faith and symbolism can exist hand in hand.

The Bible can easily be considered an item that identifies ourselves as Christians. The Bible is the WORD of God and only the SACRED WORD of God. At the end of the day, the Bible is merely a book.

An object like a crucifix is a symbol, which should only be a reminder and/or representation of the death and resurrection of the incarnation of God (Jesus, the Christ). In other words, an object can have a meaning and/or idea related to them (in our case, faith in God), but is NOT the meaning and/or the idea (not God). Nonetheless some treat symbols as if they were God and/or image/personification of God. This is a practice and/or belief that many groups of Christians criticize and condemn.

Going back to my question, faith and symbolism can exist together within Christianity. A person can wear a shirt saying, "God is love," as a symbol of his/her faith. Of course, that same person won't pray to the shirt. That person would pray to God -- while wearing the "God is love" shirt or not.