Monday, June 21, 2010

my Bible vs your Bible

There are several versions and translations of the Bible in any given language (about 20 in English alone). Ever since I started being curious about being a "true" Christian (about a decade or so ago), I've really realized that there are so many Bibles. I've since also wondered about the differences between the different versions and/or translations of the Bible.

What's my choice? I personally opt for the easiest to read and understand. I have
1. KJV on my phone ( and my old Palm Visor Deluxe,
2. NRSV ( that I bought at church,
3. KJV ( ( side-to-side comparison that I got as a present,
4. KJV (, NET ( and WEB ( if not more modules at different times on Xiphos (
5. and NET ( and NLT ( bookmarked.

All these versions and/or translations say pretty much the same sometimes using exactly the same words. Nonetheless many groups of Christians would argue that their Bible of preference is the "correct" Bible. This is clearly a stupid argument and it has become one of the biggest excuses that we -- Christians -- have to quarrel and separate into factions.

Said all this, am I right or wrong to read and try to make sense of the Bible in its numerous versions and/or translations? Well let's just say that I hope I'm not wrong.

By the way, for Trekkers there's a Klingon ( version of the Bible ( For those who think that this might be of bad taste, let me point out that Klingons -- if they existed -- would also be part of creation and hence also children of God. Besides religion should be enjoyed and not experienced as a punishment of sorts.