Monday, June 21, 2010

Bible in my hand

Having Go Bible (an application built on the Sword Project framework, with the KJV module; installed in my phone or other version of the Bible in my hand at all times doesn't make me a better Christian or a Christian at all for that matter. I only installed Go Bible because technology allows me have a searchable version of the Bible in my phone for reference. It's also a cool program to have. Well I just wanted to put this out in the open and keep myself honest.

Said the latter, many Christians have their copy of the Bible at hand all the time. These are the same folks who either (1) live and die by the Bible trying to the righteous in a desperately honest way or (2) are simply too hypocrite to realize or admit that they use the Bible (the word of God) to commit and excuse their selfish actions like condemning others.

One shouldn't follow the Bible blindly, but rather study it and acquire wisdom from it. At the same time, no one but God has the right to judge and condemn. After all, God's invited us all to his Kingdom, but we still have to check in to go through his door.