Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rants: ordained minister

We all have rants that we don't let go and return to again and again. My current involves my ordination and weather or not I'm worthy of such.

Before I start my long rant, I must emphasize that I'm a minister of faith (every Christian's obligation to teach others about God) as emphasized by the Presbyterian Church. Am I betraying or mocking PC(USA) by accepting the ordination of ULC?

Said the latter, could asking for this ordination be a mistake -- a poor joke gone bitter or simply backfiring at me? After all, I wanted to be ordained, but was it a good idea?

Maybe wanting to be ordained and being ordained is matter of choice regardless how impure one may be. In such case, my desire to be an ordained minister (pastor) could have been enough to be ordained and take on such responsibility. Nonetheless I still believe that a pastor must have a degree in theology and follow the "correct" procedure to be a "real" pastor (seminary, church, ministry, etc).

Nonetheless, I feel I'm deceiving myself thinking I could be an ordained minister (ULC). Nonetheless I look for cheap excuses to justify my actions. I'm such a farce and this might all be a charade.