Wednesday, September 22, 2010

time to write, publish & relax

As a writer, I'd love to publish and live on royalties. I'd sit back and relax to write some more to continue the cash flow. The only problem would be what to write about. I've written short stories for about 28 years (even offered to be published at age 14½), prose and poetry for at least 25 years, also lots of material on wrestling for about 14 years, computer science as well as human behavior for little over a decade and religion for the past four years of so.

I might consider at this point in my life to write about religion and maybe tour as a guest speaker (preacher or ordained minister), but the reality's much too different. I'd probably just work on any material that could be used as outlines for movies to make quick money -- as long I hold on to most of my integrity. Nonetheless I'd love to publish a book or two and see them as a short TV serial.

Of course, these are mere dreams and I can't risk my boys' future (well being, security, money, health, etc). Writing might only be a secondary part of my life and not a source of income. Nonetheless if anyone reads my material and likes it, I could write for profit without hesitation on a short or long term basis.