Monday, November 15, 2010

denominational & non-denominational

As all comments in this blog, the following's merely the result of my observation on human behavior and religious belief systems -- most importantly my behavior and religious belief system (my faith in God).

Catholic churches follow the same script (more or less) as indicated by the dioceses that controls them geographically (if any differences at all). The difference between one Catholic church and another relies mainly on its geographical location, the personality and/or charisma from the priest -- likable or not, trustworthy or not, good looking or not, in other words his plain human nature.

Protestant churches either are part of (affiliated with) a larger denominational body (synod and/or other group) or totally independent -- not necessarily meaning non-denominational. Some churches from a specific denomination and/or affiliated to a synod or other supervising body don't necessarily follow the same script as others from the same denomination or affiliated to the same synod.

At the same time, non-denominational churches aren't subject to a given script, guidance and/or supervision on what their pastors teach, how to deliver a service and/or doctrines (secondary/denominational). At least, in some level, the extended congregation (members of similar churches) might influence (not organize and manage) how a given group of churches behave.

Hence Protestant churches come in lots of different flavors for different groups of Christians to choose from -- whatever flavor you had been raised in, identify yourself with and/or like best. This all means that a person most likely will be inclined to denominational doctrine and/or the message that a particular church offers -- not merely how close the person lives to the church.

So how do you organize what various preachers ought to preach about? It's practically impossible from a human perspective and limitation, but hopefully the Holy Spirit does it for them to deliver the real Word of God and not some made-up, made-believe and self-centered corruption of the Word to accomplish some twisted agenda. Unfortunately many false "prophets" and ungodly preachers have come and gone hurting lots of people for their selfish motives.