Thursday, November 25, 2010

giving thanks

If we consider that we should thank others when do something for us that they're on no obligation to do, the American holiday celebrating how and why Native Americans helped the Pilgrims has a much deeper meaning. This act helped the Pilgrims not die, survive and establish colonies that over two centuries later have formed this nation led by and based on the Scriptures -- hence a true Christian nation. Of course, the formation of this Christian nation's tainted by the murder, rape, destruction and obliteration of several Native American societies (not to be covered on this entry).

Nonetheless as Christians, we should take this holiday to be thankful for the many or few things in our lives -- whatever generous bounty God's given us. We (myself included) fail to do so and simply complain. Of course, we in this nation have the right to work hard for what we want, of course, remembering that nothing's for free.

After giving myself this sermon, I should give thanks to God for
  1. my health as limited as it could be to work for what I want and/or need,
  2. all I've got including my work, habitat and what I've been able to give my children,
  3. my children and the joy they give me,
  4. my nine-year-old's health that could be much worse,
  5. my friends and whatever little family I really have,
  6. and all I take for granted that I can't think of right now as I'm writing (typing).