Wednesday, November 24, 2010

fun & games with Catholic condoms

The Pope's finally given "permission" to the use condoms in order to prevent AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases by male prostitutes (odd example used by the Pope). This also means that all Catholics are now "allowed" to use condoms even the use prevents a pregnancy -- a huge contradiction to prohibition of contraceptives by the Vatican. This has been shocking news for the Church. Some are on favor and of course some oppose -- the same old story. I just see it as a hypocritical move by the Catholic church giving in to a modern society of sexual recreation.

Pope seeks to start debate on condoms and AIDS

This decision from the Vatican came the same day a new drug's expected and hoped to help avoid the transmission of AIDS between gay men.

Study: AIDS Pill Helps Gay Men Avoid HIV Infection

All of a sudden, homosexuality and AIDS are once again headline news with the Catholic Church in the mix. Now this is surely strange.