Monday, November 22, 2010

A message on People Living With Disabilities (ELCA)

As usual, I'm curious about the different groups in the Church. In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) website (, I found a paper on the responsibility of society and especially the Church to the disabled -- not limited to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or any one denomination.

"Political rhetoric increasingly expresses the belief that the economic cost of providing accessibility or other means for enabling participation in society for people with disabilities is too high or not worth the benefit to society."

"A message on People Living With Disabilities"

As much as we should protect and help the needy, this obligation shouldn't be out of pity, but rather out of the morality of being a Christian.

As I've mentioned before (, I've advocated for the disabled for a while. As most advocates for the disabled, someone truly important to me is disabled and I'm that person's care giver.

It feels good to hear someone else say and write the same ideas I've had (quote above from ELCA) without the proper medium to protest. The only problem for many years has been that no one cares to listen about the poor quality of life that the disabled are left with.