Friday, January 7, 2011

Coptic Christmas, what a compromise

In the Coptic (east) tradition, Christmas was the 6th of January (yesterday), not the 25th of December. This shows the compromise or decision by the Roman Catholic Church (west) and all related traditions to celebrate the birth of the Christ close to the winter solstice, a Pagan celebration (

Maybe we've adopted the date of the Coptic Christmas in the western interpretation of Christianity when we celebrate or at least remember the arrival of the Magi (a minor important date in our Christian calendar) also on the 6th of January.

All things considered, we -- insignificant earthlings -- might never really know the exact date when the Christ came to us. Nonetheless we continue to celebrate the coming of God incarnate on these two dates.

This brings us to wonder which branch of the Church is truer to the early Church or better yet to the traditions and practices of Jesus, the Christ. Once again, we might never know or bother to know -- at the same time that some might decide to hide such knowledge (further corruption in the Church, control of masses, etc).