Thursday, January 13, 2011

the "Don't Walk By!" campaign

I'm posting some information that I received this morning, which the author gladly accepted my request to post it.

Don't Walk By is a campaign run by a partnership of faith-based ministries called The Rescue Alliance. On five consecutive Saturdays (January 8 through February 5), teams of volunteers will walk through different parts of Manhattan in an effort to engage people who may need a hot meal, shower or bed for the night. In addition to the street outreach effort, volunteers are also needed to greet guests, prepare or serve meals, sort through clothing, and assist in other ways at the host church for each of the evenings.

To read more details about the campaign or to volunteer on one of the remaining four Saturdays, please visit

If you would like to ask questions of someone from FAPC who has participated in this outreach effort, please contact

Street outreach volunteers are especially needed for Feb. 5.