Monday, January 17, 2011

lost in Brooklyn

I live in Queens and work in Manhattan. Hence I rarely go to any other borough (county) in the city. Said all this, I had to go to Boro Park and I was practically lost. To make the experience a bit more uncomfortable, it's a 99.9999% Orthodox and/or Hasidic Jewish neighborhood and most people wear black clothes and hats (tradition that I'm barely familiar with). Meanwhile I stood out like a sore thumb in my black sport shoes, dark gray pants, blue shirt and sweater, black jacket and dark gray knit cap. I normally don't have care in the world how odd I often look, but this was different. I hadn't felt so awkwardly out of place since high school (a bit past two decades). It was a case of wrong colors, wrong set of traditions, wrong set of beliefs, in short the wrong society. At least, the bakeries in the area have deliciously fresh Challah bread like Kaff's (718-633-2600, worth a plug).