Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my son's first ever seizure, day of EEG day

As I thought, my son didn't want to cooperate with the EEG ( We couldn't do much about it to convince him and/or control him. There's just too little that can be done to convince and/or persuade a scared child who maybe didn't quite understand what was going on.

The technician had to stop trying to put the electrodes on my son's head. She then suggested to have him sedated before the EEG ( as originally suggested by one of the two neurologists we're working with.

It was a waste of time and now we'll just have to reschedule the EEG.

In all, I'm still jumpy and worried although less than half a month ago. Maybe I've grown used to the possibility that my child may develop more medical conditions.

The appointment for a sedated routine EEG that we originally had was canceled because the hospital didn't want sedate him for being a young child. The second appointment was supposed to include a 48-hour observation period (hospital intake), but changed to a routine EEG without sedation, which my son obviously didn't want to cooperate with. A third appointment must now be scheduled to have him sedated prior to the EEG.