Saturday, December 4, 2010

my son's first ever seizure, so much to do yet nothing achieved

I've got so much to read right now (a book for a course on management in two week's time; lots of material on different programming languages, frameworks and other technologies; religion; psychology and philosophy; etc), but I've got very little to no interest in reading any. I still need to organize my new apartment including a CAT-5 run from one room to another (about $15) instead of buying another 802.11 proprietary device (about $60). I could've blamed my lack of will and interest on depression, but I no longer think so. My first obligation right now is to my sick child -- a second-class human not worth bringing up to health (at least in the eyes of experts, stupid fools).

Since my nine-year old son's been sick most of his life, the attitude that I've perceived from doctors is pathetic. It seems that they prefer to as little as possible (nothing) for any child with several metabolic and nervous conditions.

My trust and faith in the medical community continues to diminish. Only one doctor's helped my son. She did more in a month than close to fifteen other "experts" in seven years, but holistic medicine (natural products like herbs) is seen as a waste of time for mainstream medics to consider. These so-called experts in medicine often come too short. I'm disgusted by modern medicine and ashamed that I considered entering the field.

Do these assholes prefer my son to suffer or worse yet die? Do they simply see my son's seizure ( is just taken as a secondary issue not worth worrying about or treating? All I can say is that maybe they're just too important to be bothered.